(1)   Does CCM allow on-site fitting of costumes?
Yes. In actual fact, we highly encourage fitting of costumes to ensure that the size fits. We’re happy to do minor adjustments for a better fit for you too.

(2)   How much is a costume delivery?
Purchasing a small merchandise (3 working days):
- small item via post $5

Renting a costume (same day delivery):
- Normal sized costume one way (collection/return) island wide via Grab $25
- Normal sized costume two way (collection & return) island wide via Grab $50
- Bulky costume/ Mascot one way (collection/return) island wide via designated driver $70
- Bulky costume/ Mascot two way (collection/return) island wide via designated driver $70
[rates applicable during our operating hours and does not include surcharge for areas like Sentosa/ Tuas/ Etc]

(3)   How much does a costume rental cost?
The price you see on our site reflects our 2 days rental (i.e. collect today and return tomorrow, during our operating hours), pricing varies according to the design. If you would like to find out about extended rental pricing or bulk rental discounts, please drop us a note and we will provide you a quote according to your request.

(4)   Does CCM provide alteration services?
Yes, if you’ve purchased an item online and need some adjustments, we provide the service and charge based on the extent of the changes.
As part of our rental service, a complimentary alteration is included in the rental charges. However, if the alteration is extensive, there will be a top-up fee.

(5)   Does CCM charge additional for accessories?
No, accessories are inclusive for the 1set. (i.e., 1 headgear per set with multiple hand/neck accessories)

(6)   Do you have to wash the costume before wearing/returning them?
No, CCM will take care of the laundry before and after your costume rental. If you’re noted anything on our costume, do inform us and we’d be more than happy to freshen it up before your event date for you.

(7)   Does CCM have a reservation policy?
Yes, you may inform us to hold the costume for you for up to 24 hours before you place a booking deposit (50% of the rental, which is non-refundable). You may book a costume in advance, there is not limit. As long as the costume is available on your event date.

(8)   Is there a deposit for CCM’s rental/hire service?
Yes, we hold an additional $100/set for normal costumes. This is a refundable deposit that will be refunded to you in cash/paynow as soon as the costumes/mascots are returned promoted. (ie., for damaged/late returns, we will deduct the amount from the refundable deposit.)