How to Rent a Costume? 

1: Search costume keywords 
i.e. Avengers/ Cartoon/ or click the Themes

2: Text/drop by for fitting
Costume Crew will address your questions over email/ WhatsApp
3: Confirm your order
Check availability and Paynow us a deposit
4: Collect on day of event
Default price is for two days rental
5: Return the next day
Pssst... We'll take care of the laundry for you!


We'll bring our costume house to your event for a fun & fuss-free Costume Experience. Let us tailor your very own customized costume event for you.

Our customade truck also transforms into a mobile changing vehicle for various filming and production needs.

Hit us up for any wacky idea that you have in mind!


Customized Fabric Masks

Need your own Branded mask?